Caax Cloud
Capture / Analyse / Approve / eXport
Caax uses technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & OCR to overcome accounts payable challenges

Businesses & bookkeepers solve your accounts payable challenges with Caax

Managing a business based around paper, manual data entry, chasing suppliers and verbal / email approval is inefficient, risky and is costing the business money

Caax integrates with cloud
accounting software

Caax integrates with market leading cloud accounting software within minutes allowing
the business, bookkeepers & accountants to process a first bill / receipt
or set up suppliers immediately.

No time consuming and expensive IT projects.

3 Easy steps from receiving bills & receipts
to being ready for payment

Caax is the solution for all businesses who face accounts payables challenges.


Bills and Receipts

Bills and receipts received via post in paper format, and by email in digital format to different email accounts is inefficient

Caax gives suppliers and team members 1 dedicated accounts payable email address to send bills & receipts greatly increasing efficiency


Data Processing
and Approval

Caax captures bill & receipt accounting data via OCR and supplier details saving the business time and money

Bills & receipts are ready for the business to Approve, Query, Dispute, Reject or Delete

Supplier communication is seamless and efficient
Caax gives the ability for the business to request supplier details, missing bills & credit-notes, statements and prices for products and services
Team members get a centralised view of all requests.


Cloud Accounting

Bills & receipts are effortlessly and securely sent to the cloud accounting software with all the supplier details and all accounting data

Bills are ready for payment
Searching for bills made easy via the cloud saving time and money

Accounts Payable Challenges

Caax solves the accounts payable challenges faced by businesses.

accounts data capture

Technology captures all accounting data and supplier details which is then reviewed by Caax team members meaning reduced / no manual data entry for the business

account coding

Bills & receipts analysed using AI, machine learning and supplier settings reducing manual data entry for the business

purchase order matching

Supplier invoices matched to purchase orders, giving you peace of mind that only authorised expenditure has been incurred


Approval of bills to ensure only valid bills are approved for payment saving the business money

supplier communication

Seamlessly resolve issues with suppliers, saving time and avoiding disputes

information request

Request supplier details, bank details, missing bills and statements, saving the business money and time to focus on value add work

full audit trail

Full audit trail of all events, helping you to manage the business efficiently

Caax Cloud
Caax Cloud
Caax Cloud
Request from suppliers

In the accounts payable world Caax experience shows that a massive pain point is dealing with suppliers in terms of getting the right information and the correct bill for payment.
Business owners, bookkeepers and accountants, Caax technology gives the business the tools to overcome these challenges leading to massive time savings and hence increased profits.
The soft benefits derived is that the relationships with all parties are great allowing everyone to focus on add value ares of the business.

Caax Cloud

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Caax is the solution to solve your clients accounts payable challenges
and offer your clients an efficient way of working with you.

Caax founders are a team which is made up of a bookkeeper, chartered accountant and a technology expert where their skills and experience have been used to make this a successful product.

We know exactly the pain, stress and frustration involved in managing an accounts payable function for your clients

Accounts payable is subject to price pressure from your clients and Caax helps in providing a solution

Key Benefits

Our solution will transform the way you work with your clients the key benefits are

  1. Profitability - Our solution will increase your profitability by allowing more time to be dedicated to profit-generating activities
  2. Revenue - Your business can now offer an accounts payable solution (APS) rather than just data entry of purchase invoices which will differentiate you from your competitors, leading to increased revenue stream
  3. Audit trail - Our solution gives you a full audit trail allowing you to pinpoint every action from the moment the supplier invoice or receipt enters Caax, to the moment it is sent to your cloud accounting software. This will save valuable time in tracing and correcting issues

Benefits for your business

Supplier purchase invoices (also known as bills) and receipts are received when
purchasing goods / services for your business.

The business is required to analyse the purchase invoice & receipts to be able to have control over business expenditure in terms of the amount being spent and in what areas of the business.

Businesses which currently capture this data manually by human input is not taking advantage of technology in the form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The advantage of this technology is

  1. Value adds - You / your team can use the time saved to focus on more value-add areas of the business.
  2. Errors - The work involved is boring and it is natural for humans to make mistakes whereas as technology does not get bored and the level of accuracy is high.
  3. Accuracy & consistency - The level of accuracy in capturing the data and analysing the data to the correct expense category is more accurate and consistent based on this technology compared to manual data entry.
  4. Timing - Suppliers will send purchase invoices / employees will send receipts to a dedicated email address meaning that expense information is captured faster than under traditional manual bookkeeping / data entry leading to up-to-date information readily available for management to save the business money or avoid costly mistakes.

Benefits for bookkeepers and accountants

Advantages technology gives your clients leads naturally to efficiencies for your business.

  1. Efficient process - Reducing the time taken to chase your clients for supplier bills and receipts.
  2. Bill & receipt documents - Where a bill / receipt has been given in PDF format this will be attached to the corresponding accounting entry within Caax and the cloud bookkeeping software allowing bookkeepers and accountants to use this for analysis and tax purposes without having to request it from clients leading to increase time saving and efficiency.
  3. Real time advice - Access to live data allows information to be provided at the right time leading to capitalising on opportunities, avoiding further mistakes or correcting mistakes.
  4. Value adds - The time saved can be used for higher revenue generating work or simply taking the time off to enjoy life.

All the above leads to a great relationship with your clients and giving you the time to talk to your clients about what is important in their lives in terms of business and personal goals.

Customer Successes

Caax is what every business should have to run the business efficiently with its suppliers and for approving bills and receipts for goods & services that have been purchased.

John Walia

Managing and approving my business bills & receipts with Caax is brilliant this has led to a great relationship
with our suppliers.

Zoe Marshall

Caax is excellent for my business in managing the workflow of bills and receipts that are received by the business which has led to massive reduction in frustration and a happy relationship with our suppliers.

Anish Mehta

Caax is great for my business in managing costs since the approval system has really helped save money by not paying duplicate and inaccurate bills.

Tejas Shah

Every accounting firm that offers bookkeeping services should have Caax. Caax has saved our firm time which helped us to increase profits by being able to focus on higher revenue generating work.

Dipak Maniar


Choose the Caax package which is right for your business

Price per month £154 £119 £94 £44
Bill limit per month 100 100 100 100
Additional bills price
per bill
19p 19p 19p 19p
Team members Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Bookkeepers & Accountants

Please contact Caax for volume based pricing by email


Team members unlimited
History - full audit trail of all events
360 View
Cloud accounting software integration - Xero, QBO & Freeagent
Email support unlimited
Supplier name captured
Bill accounting data captured
Important documents -
Attach to bills & supplier records
Bill & credit-note clarification
Bills / Credit-notes clarification
Bill & credit-note approval
Approve / delete
Query / dispute & reject
Boss Override
View / change data
Request proof of delivery (POD)
Delivery note matching
Raise a debit note
Request for accounting documents & information
Bills / credit-notes / statements
Supplier details / bank details / email address
Reminder alerts - Automatic and manual
purchase order approval
Approve & reject
View supplier action - accepted / declined
View POs that are awaiting bills
View POs where bills received & matched
Price request
Send up to 5 suppliers request for a price
See suppliers who have viewed your request
Compare supplier prices to see savings
From a price received send a PO to the supplier

Our Story

Caax was created to eliminate the pain, stress and waste of valuable time business owners, their suppliers and bookkeepers go through in the process from purchase of goods and services to payment.

Caax product has been successful and in April 2024 the decision was taken to launch the product to all bookkeepers and accountants.

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